VOICES OF IMPACT“ Touching lives, Creating Opportunities” Part 1

Touching lives and creating opportunities is a documentation of the voices of impact that the TAGDev program has made in the lives of students that have been participants in the program through scholarships, research, entrepreneurship, and other wrap-up services. The TAGDev program invests in individuals who become change agents in society. In this series of voices of impact, RUFORUM is profiling personal stories of young women and men who are emerging as agents of hope and change. They are undertaking their studies at various universities and deploying skills acquired to create opportunities for themselves and others through entrepreneurship and giveback initiatives. We hope these stories inspire you as you read.

RUFORUM and Mastercard Foundation through the TAGDev program provided me with a scholarship. I am therefore a proud TAGDev scholar. I am currently a student teacher at Ndege Secondary School. The program has provided me with a number of opportunities and platforms to nurture my talent and capabilities. I have acquired personal mastery skills, counseling and 21st century competencies relevant in the world of work. Beyond the Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education and Extension that I will be graduating with in July 2023, I am now a property owner, a proud mother of well-educated children, competent and empowered woman with good communication, leadership and collaborative skills. At community level, I have been engaged in educating and empowering women and girls in Turkana. For girls, I have encouraged them to stay in school and supported women farmers in better agricultural production for food and income security.






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