Why waste time and resources? Genomic-aided selection accelerates variety development in IITA’s maize breeding programs.

Genetic diversity is the foundation of any crop improvement programme; therefore, breeders routinely assess the genetic diversity in field crops via different marker techniques. In Africa, biotic and abiotic stresses continue to challenge crop production throughout the continent. This is particularly evident under the current climatic conditions. At IITA, different molecular approaches are being deployed... Continue Reading →

It is not just about producing seeds; quality check and assurance are paramount at every stage: Overview of IITA maize seed production and dissemination pathways.

Successful crop production is linked to having the right seed, of the right quality, grown in the right environment and under the right conditions. Consequently, production of quality seed is paramount in ensuring a food secure future especially in sub Saharan Africa. However, to be effective, a viable partnership between researchers, farmers, and the private... Continue Reading →

Bringing hope to frustrated maize farmers in West and Central Africa (WCA) through IITA Striga resistant genotypes: A battle against the deadly parasitic weed.

With thousands of farmers in West and Central Africa (WCA) battling the invasion in their farms by the deadly parasitic weed Striga,  the introduction of two new resistant varieties; TZLComp1Syn W-1 (Sammaz 16) and IWDC2SynF2 (Sammaz 15) developed by IITA in partnership with the Institute for Agricultural Research (IAR), Zaria in Nigeria brought hope to frustrated... Continue Reading →

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