[Thought Piece] Transforming higher education – the road tailored to meet the development needs from The National University of Agriculture

ContextUniversities in developing countries in general and in particular in Benin are set up to meet the training needs of technical executives in different professional fields. In many cases these universities were created without due preparation and the minimum infrastructure and facilities necessary for proper functioning is limited. However, like others, these universities must respond... Continue Reading →

[Thought Piece] Developing university competitiveness through human capital development, collaborations and entrepreneurship

Universities, private and public, are responsible for teaching, research, publishing, consultancy services and advancing human development. Over the years, funding of public universities through the Exchequer has been the Government's prerogative, and was possible when the demand for university education was low. However, the increase in demand for university education has led to establishment of... Continue Reading →

[Thought Piece] How could Higher Education help in China-Africa South-South Cooperation? A Case of China Agricultural University

Introduction Poverty eradication and zero hunger are two challenging Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN) for the Global South to achieve. With China‚Äôs experience of eradicating extreme poverty by 2020, development knowledge applicable to the Global South needs to be co-found, co-produced, and co-innovated, together with peers in Africa. The UN framework... Continue Reading →

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