African Universities as Co-creators in Community Development and Transformation

Universities play a critical role in community transformation by creating demand-driven research and development solutions that address emerging challenges such as nutrition, food security, increasing household income, and youth skilling in Africa. It is important that universities while fulfilling their role encourage better access for students from poor or rural backgrounds as well. In 2016,... Continue Reading →

Finding hope in SHEA Production – A Community Transformation in Northern Uganda

Poor family background, early marriage, and gender-driven violence are some of the barriers women face in their pursuit of attaining higher education in Africa. After a two-decade Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) war that left many families homeless and besieged, Northern Uganda presents an opportunity in rebuilding its human development and infrastructure by skilling its youth... Continue Reading →

[Press Release] Harnessing formidable Partnerships for Agricultural Transformation in Africa

The Mastercard Foundation Scholar Programs celebrates 10 years this year as well as a six-year partnership with the Regional Universities Forum for Agriculture (RUFORUM). This partnership demonstrates why it is imperative to celebrate and reflect on partnerships that encourage co-creation, collaboration, and foster synergies to transform the Agricultural landscape through youth skilling in Africa. According... Continue Reading →

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