[Press Release] Honorable Monica Musenero applauds Universities for engaging with Communities to deliver demand-driven Innovations and Technologies

The Ugandan Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovation, Honorable Monica Musenero commended universities for linking and working with farming communities to generate knowledge and innovations that best serve community needs countrywide. Honorable Musenero, an epidemiologist who is recognized for her leading role in African countries’ fight against Ebola is passionate about making innovations work for the good of the communities.

Image 1: Hon. Monica Musenero Masana, Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovation (Uganda) attended a meeting at the RUFORUM Secretariat this morning.

During her visit to the RUFORUM Secretariat this morning, Hon. Musenero emphasized the need for universities to ensure that science benefits the communities. She recognized the need for a mindset change on how universities engage with communities, a cause she is zealous about during her tenure.

Several universities, farming communities, and students from Uganda who are supported by the Mastercard Foundation showcased their innovations and agribusiness products during a two-day exhibition held at the RUFORUM Secretariat this week. Through its partnerships and interventions, RUFORUM has mobilized over $236.3M in resources, trained 2,680 students, reached 1.62 Million farmers, and developed 300+ technologies working with Universities and Communities. 







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