Mozambique: World Bank disburses US$30 million for agri-food research

The World Bank yesterday announced US$30 million in funding to create a centre of excellence in agri-food systems and innovation for postgraduate students in Mozambique.

File photo: Lusa

A World Bank statement says that the centre would help build high-quality technical capacity and research in the agri-food domain.

“By strengthening research and training in agri-food systems and expanding knowledge production and its scale, the project will help to broaden the knowledge base and support the innovative systems necessary for greater sustainable economic development in Mozambique,” said Emre Ozaltin, who is responsible for the World Bank’s Mozambique Human Development Program.

The statement notes that the funds will help strengthen the capacity of higher education institutions, providing for higher quality postgraduate courses and for conducting research in priority areas of the agri-food sector.

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