AGROVIE: The Best Young Entrepreneurs in South Kivu

Agrovie was established on 12th March , 2016 by 6 students from the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Université Catholique de Bukavu (UCB). Agrovie is located at Ibanda, Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo with the aim of creating employment for young people while meeting the agri-food needs of the community. To this end, we have worked for about half a decade in the agricultural field, particularly in livestock and agricultural value addition. 

Agrovie deals in the cultivation of potatoes, corn and cassava; in the breeding of rabbits and pigs as well as in the transformation of peanuts into oil and peanut butter. 

After more than 2 years of experience in processing of agricultural products with a well-established brand of peanut butter “Beurre du Kivu”, AGROVIE has several assets that it is  an important contribution to reach it aim : Experienced and informed staff, The prize of best young entrepreneurs of South Kivu in 2019 by the NGO CAB, A confidence with many partners: donors (RUFORUM and BAIC-UCB), Incubators (YEC: Youth Entrepreneurs Corporation, Agripreneurs IITA), individuals, NGO and Bank (CAB,Rawbank) and retailers (STARCO, New City Market, Point of sale IITA); selected as a beneficiary company of the FAPA project by the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) in 2021.

Agrovie offers credit services to its members most especially the youth and this helps the them to create their own sources of income and develop regenerative activities.

Our vision is to be among the organizations that promote young entrepreneurs and to become a large processing plant for local agricultural products, a structure that is not common in the Democratic Republic of Congo, yet plays an important role in the valorization of agricultural products. We are grateful to RUFORUM for selecting Agrovie as one of the 2021 FAPA beneficiaries.

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