I Can Transform Agriculture in Africa Through the MasterCard Scholarship

I was born and raised in Uganda where agriculture is the back bone of the economy and the majority of the people make a living from agriculture. I grew up with my grandparents who also practiced agriculture and this inspired me to save part of my monthly stipend in order for me to engage in agriculture as well.

First, I bought a calf (female) at the end of last year in December when I returned home for the Christmas holidays and I believe that by the end of next year, the cow will be able to reproduce. I intend to buy another female calf in the middle of next year. My plan is to have several cows that can give us milk.

Because the land topography of my area does not favor crop production, the crops tend to dry due to inadequate moisture in the soil, resulting into less yields. This encouraged me to construct an underground water collection /harvest tank in order to increase my yields. The water tank is the our major source of water especially during dry seasons when the wells are dry and animals do not have water.

Underground water tank

During the lockdown, I was doing an online course in Information, Communication and Technology over the weekends, while during weekdays, I would be doing my assignments, research, and practicing what I learnt over the weekend.

Thanks to RUFORUM and the MasterCard Foundation for giving me a laptop. This has enabled me to improve on my programing skills in JavaScript, Html, CSS, PHP, SQL and I am still learning more. With these programming skills, I look forward to being a good web developer.

Other than engaging in online lectures and taking care of my cow, I have also bought piglets that I am rearing and I plan to develop this business by adding 20 more piglets.

I’m grateful for the MCF@RUFORUM scholarship that has made me part of Africa’s journey in transforming agriculture.

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