Staying True to my Call: My Progressive Career Journey as a RUFORUM Alumnus

My name is Aaron Ekipetot Nanok, a MCF@RUFORUM alumnus. I entered Public Service in 2016, as an Agricultural officer but currently working as the section head for Agri-Nutrition in the department of Agriculture. It was in 2018 when the Chief Officer shared a MCF@RUFORUM scholarship on our department’s communication page. As an ambitious junior officer in service, I applied for this opportunity not knowing its implication on my career growth and development. I was lucky and privileged to be selected for this opportunity. This posed another challenge to me because I had no good mastery of human resource manual. After getting guidance from the human capital department that I had met minimum requirement to process a study leave, it was a sigh of relief since I was uncertain if I could be permitted to further my studies.

I could not believe my eyes that I had secured the opportunity not until I received an invitation letter to join other young scholars at a joint Orientation programme at Egerton University, Njoro. I was lucky to be trained by professionals who helped me to understand myself. My skills in business, research, interpersonal communication, photography and networking were enhanced. The joint orientation programme at Njoro gave me an opportunity to make new friends from various part of our unique continent and at the end of the training, my allegiance to Kenya broadened to Africa. I was able to tell my story and how the common shared responsibility of human capital is key in realizing Africa’s Agenda 2063.

Aaron Ekipetot Nanok, a MCF@RUFORUM alumnus

Apart from exposure to events such biennial conference 2018 to increase my network, RUFORUM paid my up keep, tuition and research fees at Gulu University. This made my stay in Uganda very smooth. My study period in Gulu university enhanced my skills in defining community problems and improved my interpersonal communication skills. I can now negotiate on behalf of my employer.

Although my business has faced many hurdles, I am very proud that I have improved the service delivery in my organization as demonstrated by my ability to mobilize resources for the department. My community (rural farmers) have adopted climate smart Agriculture technologies to produce adequate, safe and nutritious food for households in the times of climate change.

This training has added value to my life and I foresee myself in top management position making evidence-based decisions for my organization especially with my growing network provided by the Alumni network.

This was a life changing opportunity that has contributed to my life long experience of learning. From the bottom of my heart, I would like in a special way to thank my sponsor, MCF@RUFORUM for this great opportunity that has upgraded me in my career journey. I am happy that I can now contribute to the strategic goal of my organization because of the competency and skills imparted to me through MCF@RUFORUM. Once more thank you and live long MCF@RUFORUM.

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