If you can DREAM it, you can DO it

Ahmed Abi Abdi Warsame

Getting in contact with RUFUROM was always in my radar. However, choosing your future expectation does not require your option alone. One day, I contacted one of my undergraduate colleagues who got a scholarship from RUFUROM, I got motivated by his words and thought of applying for the same opportunity.

I am familiar with what RUFORUM offers its beneficiaries, and I’m personally drawn to RUFORUM because I feel that the values RUFUROM holds reflect my own values regarding secure financial aid for students, health care and satisfaction.

In High school, math was not my best subject. To be honest, I didn’t see how it would apply to my career as a student. However, after a few years in my career, I realized that I wanted to pursue a more analytical career path (master degree). I wasn’t sure where to start at first, but RUFUROM helped me to realize how essential Mathematics is. This new foundation has allowed me to define and track my own goals at my most recent master’s courses. In fact, overcoming my fear of arithmetic when I was younger has been quite a great achievement for me.

RUFUROM Scholarship has enabled me to gain skills in the field of applied sciences and leadership. All these were preparing me to serve in my county where I later became a leader. Being a RUFUROM Scholar gave me the privilege to attend the RUFORUM alumni broad network communication and I learnt what it takes to be an agricultural innovator.

That’s when I decided to pursue a master’s degree in science certification which I completed in two years after which I got a promotion at my place of work.

Networking is very important in career advancement. Collaborating and Building contacts with people working in the same areas of interest helps one to find potential job prospects. Apart from linking me to experts, the RUFORUM Alumni team provided career guidance and mentorship which has helped me in my career development.

RUFUROM is all about recycling and keeping African youth community transformed and innovative. I can’t wait to join my community and start applying professional trainings in the coming years. Yes! I am grateful for this scholarship opportunity.

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