With agri-business, I can now earn more money

By Kasolina Anyango

When I returned home because of COVID-19, I interested myself in a number of enterprises. I started off with farming. I was able to buy three (3) acres of land which I used to grow groundnuts. Because the harvest has been good, this has motivated me further to invest in agriculture and also expand the venture. So, I have planted rice, which I am hopeful will perform well. There is already a market for rice in our community.  

Furthermore, I am engaged in agribusiness enterprises-where I buy produce from farmers and re-sell to consumers when they are out of season.

I picked interest in this enterprise because our farmers do not have enough capacity to store their produce after harvest. In the end, they often sell it cheaply.  

Value addition is something I also do with some of the produce that I purchase. For instance, I buy maize and transform it into packaged maize flour, which is giving me good returns.

I have done the same for groundnuts, as customers prefer the threshed ones.

In April, I also started rearing goats. For the start, I bought four goats. The number has since grown to seven, which is a success to me and shows the potential of the business.

I would like to appreciate RUFORUM and the MasterCard Foundation for supporting us to realize our dreams and aspirations.

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