I use digital platforms to market my pigs and goats

Ivan Kwadu’s Project

I have been engaged in a number of entrepreneurial projects in the last few months. I started off with running a piggery project and later started goats rearing along side the piggery project. Currently, I have eight local goats and hope to increase the numbers after learning the proper livestock management practices. With no school to attend at the moment, my day-to-day work involves planning on farm maintenance including feeding the animals, cleaning the shed where they sleep, ensuring that they are vaccinated and other health requirements are catered for.

I am also a maize farmer and half of the maize produced every season is processed for sale and the remaining half is used as feeds for the pigs. This has reduced the feeding expenses and also ensured sustainability of the enterprise since I am no longer buying animal feeds.

I am grateful that these three Projects are sustaining each other because I am able to obtain manure from goats’ wastes to boost maize production and the maize are used to feed the pigs. Therefore, I plan to construct a house for the animals and buy a piece of land to expand my project and I will hire youths from the community to help with the farm work.

Through the stipend, mentorship and training obtained from RUFORUM, I was able to undertake a digital marketing course which further improved my marketing skills. Furthermore, I was able to appreciate the power of digital marketing because it has enabled me to attract more customer.  

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