I started running a Mobile Money business

Jonathan Akankunda

When COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, schools were closed and we returned home. As we were home, I didn’t do much in the first month because I Knew that schools would be    re-opened within a few months.

As time passed by, the number of COVID-19 cases increased, not only in Uganda but globally and there was no hope of going back to school within the shortest time as I earlier expected. To keep myself busy, I got out of my comfort zone and took on new challenges. I enrolled for an online course (Fundamentals of Digital Marketing). This has been significant in enriching my digital marketing skills. I learnt website development skills and how to use the online platforms for advertisement and digital marketing. 

Thanks to RUFORUM for providing us with internet data, I will soon complete the online course that I have been undertaking. Apart from the online learning that I am undertaking, I also recently started running a mobile money business. It has helped to generate income, and alongside my monthly stipend, I am able to take care of my needs and that of my family. So far, the business is running smoothly, although the fear of being infected with COVID-19 is high, since the business involves interaction with customers. 

Aside from the successes, I must admit that this period has had its fair share of challenges from which I have learnt several lessons. It has taught me that life is never constant, life can change at any time. It can change for better or for worse, so I must always be prepared to face whatever presents itself before me.

I thank the entire RUFORUM team for the endless support offered to me. It wasn’t going to be easy to sail through without your generous support during this period.

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