I rear sheep to boost my family income

By Simon Kabugi Mbogo

I am a third-year student at Egerton University in Kenya, pursuing a bachelors’ degree in Education. I believe in the saying that education is the key to success and an enhancer of personal awareness and growth.

I enrolled at Egerton University in September 2017, having endured many challenges such as raising school fees, especially during my first year of enrolment. However, as I could not raise the required tuition, I decided to defer my programme to another year.

In 2019 after attending an agricultural forum at the university, I got to know about the TAGDev project and decided to apply for a scholarship. I was lucky to have been given the scholarship to continue with my studies. Through this scholarship, I have been able to receive skills training, including computer literacy training.

The stipend has also enabled me to meet my personal expenses while investing some in income generating enterprises. Currently, I rear sheep. But I have also been helping my family financially especially since the lockdown has had a negative impact on all of us.

With the internet bundles extended to us, I have managed to undertake short online courses while at the same time taking part in TAGDev meetings. These engagements are educative and informative. Because one of the core pillars of TAGDev is enhancing leadership skills, I have been an active participant in community development initiatives while at home including tree planting at one of the local primary schools and a polytechnic institute.

I am grateful to RUFORUM and the Mastercard Foundation for the generous support. I hope to use the knowledge I am acquiring now to lead others, while at the same time helping those in need. 

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