Kampala 31, July 2020 The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM), a consortium of 128 Universities in 38 African Countries, is pleased to announce the recipients of the two year Doctoral Research Grants funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York. The grants targeted registered PhD candidates in one of the RUFORUM Network universities as Graduate Teaching Assistants. The call for the grants attracted 103 applicants from 20 African countries from which 42 final awardees were selected following evaluation by external reviewers.

The RUFORUM Doctoral Research grants aim at increasing the proportion of academic staff with PhD qualifications and contributing to locally relevant research. The Doctoral Research grant builds on, and helps to scale up, RUFORUM’s commitment to strengthen postgraduate training and academic mobility in Africa.

“RUFORUM Member Universities have committed to fund the training of 350 PhD-level faculty staff by 2022. This is an investment of about US$ 21 million by African Universities. We urge African Governments and their partners to co-fund this initiative” said Professor Adipala Ekwamu, Executive Secretary, RUFORUM.

RUFORUM thanks the Carnegie Corporation of New York for funding the candidates and congratulates the 42 Doctoral Research grant recipients. We further thank the RUFORUM member universities for funding the Graduate Teaching Assistantship Programme. PressRelease_RUFORUM awards 42 Doctoral Research Grants

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