Dr. Elizabeth Kizito wins the 2017 Science by Women Award

Above: Dr. Elizabeth Balyejusa Kizito, a Senior Lecturer at Uganda Christian University

Dr. Elizabeth Balyejusa Kizito, a Senior Lecturer at Uganda Christian University has won the ‘Science by Women, 2017’ Award. The award entails a six month fellowship funded by Fundacio Mujeres por Africa (Women for Africa Foundation). During the fellowship, she will be hosted by the Centre for Genomic Regulation in Barcelona and work with the genomics and the bioinformatics units headed by Dr. Jochen Hecht and Dr. Julia Ponomarenko respectively.

“I believe I will benefit through this fellowship in many respects especially building on the work we are doing on indigenous vegetables research projects/agenda that are being implemented with support from the Platform for African European Partnerships in Agricultural Research for Development (PAEPARD); and the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM),” she said.

Dr. Elizabeth Kizito is the head of the Department of Agricultural Sciences at the Uganda Christian University. She leads the team on a PAEPARD supported project focusing on enhancing nutrition security and incomes through adding value to indigenous vegetables in East and Central Uganda. Her work on the indigenous vegetables project has been looking at addressing seasonality of supply of vegetables, long distances between production areas and potential consumption centres, and the poor post-harvest handling.

Through the project, the team has formed an innovation platform that had brought on board a number of actors including the Church of Uganda, Mukono District Local Government, NGOs such as Farm Gain and VEDICO. The indigenous vegetable team she heads has also evolved into a centre of excellent for indigenous vegetables. With these platforms, Elizabeth is heavily involved in resource mobilization for the department and sustainability of research work on the indigenous vegetables.

The Women for Africa Foundation is a Spanish private, non-profit entity created in February 2012 by María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, the former Vice President of the Government of Spain, with the aim of promoting equal rights and opportunities for women to contribute to the progress of the continent. The Science by Women Program aims at promoting African women’s leadership in scientific research and technology transfer as well as foster the capacity of their respective research centres at home.

For more details, contact Dr. Kizito via email: lkizito08@gmail.com.

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