Voices of Impact “Touching lives and creating opportunities” Part 3

Touching lives and creating opportunities is a documentation of the voices of impact that the TAGDev program has made in the lives of students that have been participants in the program through scholarships, research, entrepreneurship, and other wrap-up services. The TAGDev program invests in individuals who become change agents in society. In this series of voices of impact, RUFORUM is profiling personal stories of young women and men who are emerging as agents of hope and change. They are undertaking their studies at various universities and deploying skills acquired to create opportunities for themselves and others through entrepreneurship and giveback initiatives.
We hope these stories inspire you as you read.

Aaron Cheruiyot Tonui (BSc. student), Egerton University, Kenya

As a community development graduate from Egerton University supported through RUFORUM and Mastercard Foundation Scholarship, I am passionate about driving positive change in communities across Africa to achieve the continent’s Agenda 2063. My goal is to empower communities through fostering strong partnerships, promoting sustainable practices, and developing innovative solutions to complex problems. Working in diverse communities has enhanced my ability to collaborate with others and adapt to different cultural contexts. With a deep sense of purpose, I am committed to making a meaningful impact in the lives of those I serve.

Antony Emaru( MSc. student), Egerton University, Kenya

I am appreciative of the fact that I was selected for the RUFORUM and Mastercard Foundation Scholarship, and how it has afforded me the opportunity to continue my tertiary level education in a time of great financial difficulty and emotional distress. It has encouraged me, to not only continue but also push me to do my best. I am the founder of 4pillar Giveback, a student initiative with 65 plus farmers in the vegetable value chain amongst smallholder farmers in Mwigito Village. I am a living mentor for my siblings and village mates for advice. I have initiated agricultural projects and dug a water well to help my mother from water troubles in rural Uganda. My thirst to give back to the community still lives with dreams to start agricultural enterprises, consultancy and aggregate produce.

Edmond Nfor (BSc. student), Egerton University, Kenya

As a TAGDev scholar, I was profoundly impacted. The RUFORUM and Mastercard Foundation scholarship represents a commitment to service and giving back to others-especially those who are less fortunate. The scholarship has allowed me to pursue my education and realize my potential, which has transformed my life in many ways. In my family, I have become a role model for my siblings and a source of pride and joy to my parents. My success is directly reflected in their lives, as I am a direct motivation and support as they also walk the path of achieving their own goals and strive to become better versions of themselves in Cameroon. In my community, my transformation journey has shown that with hard work and determination, anyone can achieve their goals, regardless of their background.

Emily Kimaru (BSc. student), Egerton University, Kenya

Upon receiving the RUFORUM and Mastercard Foundation scholarship, I was elated because of what it meant to me. I could no longer worry about my education. The scholarship allowed me to excel to the next level in my personal and professional development pushing me closer to my goal of earning a B.Sc. Through several trainings, I gained several skills such as communication skills, financial management, technical writing and entrepreneurial skills. I learnt how to serve the community on
air through the Egerton Radio, 101.7FM, interacting with farmers in different places and to network with experienced people. I can proudly say I am able to provide agricultural extension services to farmers.

Evans Murei (BSc. student) Egerton University, Kenya

Securing RUFORUM and Mastercard Foundation Scholarship was a turning point for my life. Courtesy of TAGDev program, I was offered to study Bsc. Natural Resources Management at Egerton University, Kenya. The course has acquainted me with requisite agro-ecological knowledge and skills which I use to transform how agriculture is practiced in rural setups through outreach program as a way of giveback in rural Kenya. The program shaped my leadership skills resulting to a significant prosperity among communities I have interacted with. Moreover, I serve as a leader in the University Students Council. Receiving this scholarship has lightened the financial burden on my family. It has also given me hope for the future, which allows me to focus on the most important aspect of learning.

Francisca N Lokwaar (BSc. student), Egerton University, Kenya

I am thankful to RUFORUM and MasterCard Foundation for supporting my studies through the TAGDev program. Words truly cannot describe how much this scholarship means to me. It did not only pay for my tuition but also provided me with trainings on entrepreneurship, leadership and personal branding. The scholarship provided me with finances that helped me support my family. Through the training in my profession, I gained skills and exposure in my field of work and interact with other professionals. After I finish my studies, I plan on working with diverse communities for the betterment of my country, and from there the sky’s the limit.

James Banda (BSc. student), Egerton University, Kenya

Throughout my studies under the TAGDev program, I got to understand my purpose and abilities through various trainings that I received which have helped me in building soft skills, which are of relevance to my career. The program challenged me to be innovative and creative in all dimensions. It also opened doors for me to network with different people around the world and created more opportunities. I have managed to start a poultry business at home. Am also helping the community members through extension services and coming up with community development programs. Thank you to RUFORUM and Mastercard Foundation for such an amazing opportunity for me and those before me and after me.






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