With free internet from RUFORUM, I was able to continue my online learning

My name is Esther Muber, a student at Gulu University doing a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture. My education is funded under the TAGDev project of RUFORUM. During the lockdown, RUFORUM continued to offer support to us in different forms. I was able to participate in a number of online courses, through the several... Continue Reading →

Education is a change catalyst

Aipa Grace Bekah is a second year TAGDev student at Egerton University pursuing Bachelors of degree in Agricultural Education and Extension. The second born in a family of three hails from Turkana County, Northern Kenya; a pastoral community. She believes in education as the only equalizer. She was brought up by her grandmother alongside other... Continue Reading →

[Issue 62] Media Monitoring: Extract of Press News on Higher Education in Africa

Daily Maverick Our universities need to change for an as yet unimagined future (South Africa) South Africa needs to build national capacity for an economy that needs skills that are radical and complex. In order to facilitate this, we need to ‘decolumnise’ campuses from the grand colosseums to a vibrant, insightful, smart network of decentralised... Continue Reading →

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