Time to think about Higher Education for Sustainability

RUFORUM  is challenged to respond to the rapid growth in diversity and numbers of its membership base and partnership arrangements in the face of increasing demands and declining availability of public finance and long-term development finance assistance. The RUFORUM 2030 Strategy seeks to ensure “vibrant transformative universities to catalyse sustainable inclusive agricultural development to feed... Continue Reading →

Realising the potential of Africa’s hidden talent

Much of agriculture in Africa is in the hands of poor, scattered populations served by inadequate infrastructure for agricultural research, outreach and training. The national institutions serving agriculture often lack the capacity to undertake research and technology transfer on a meaningful scale. In addition, much work undertaken in Africa is lost as a rapid turnover... Continue Reading →

Government partners with University to rehabilitate arid land in Kenya

The Homa Bay government has partnered with Egerton University to rehabilitate arid land in the county. Sisal, acacia, grass and livestock will be grown commercially on the land. The products will generate up to Sh300 million for the county annually and create jobs for residents. The project is part of the university’s mission to rehabilitate... Continue Reading →

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