Education is a change catalyst

Aipa Grace Bekah is a second year TAGDev student at Egerton University pursuing Bachelors of degree in Agricultural Education and Extension. The second born in a family of three hails from Turkana County, Northern Kenya; a pastoral community. She believes in education as the only equalizer. She was brought up by her grandmother alongside other... Continue Reading →

Farmer Misconceptions of Cassava Diseases, Income and Food Security Opportunities from Cassava Production in Coastal Kenya

Having grown and brought up in western part of Kenya, where cassava is one of the major foods and a week cannot go without ‘Ugali’ made from cassava and sorghum this was my first encounter with the Kenyan coast. I had higher expectations and according to the stories I have been since my childhood about... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk agribusiness: Opportunities in the cassava value chain at the Kenya Coast region

Mention to anyone from Kenya that you are at the Coast and quickly in their mind they will think you have gone to relax your mind, enjoy nature and explore the Coast line; basically the Coast in Kenya is synonymous with tourism!. Actually, having pleasure of your life can happen anywhere but this is not... Continue Reading →

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