Selling handmade crafts helped me earn extra income during lockdown

My name is Emmanuel Okwir, a Cohort III student at Gulu University. Being a beneficiary of the MasterCard Foundation/RUFORUM scholarship helped restore my hope for an education. It has taken me places, and I have benefited from various mentorship opportunities during the programme.     Emmanuel Okwir I come from a family headed by a single... Continue Reading →

My motivation to start a business was to respond to society’s needs

Gad Simone Mahoussi Assocle was born in Cotonou, Republic of Benin and she hold a bachelor's degree in Food Technology from National University of Agriculture of Porto-Novo (Benin). She is currently enrolled for a Masters of Science in Food Security and Community Nutrition at Gulu University in Uganda, funded by RUFORUM as part of the... Continue Reading →

My research got me into a USAID funded Project

Aliet Mmbone Ugada is Kenyan student studying MSc Food Security and Community Nutrition at Gulu University with support from Mastercard Foundation through RUFORUM. She shares her journey and transformation thus far, from the two weeks orientation in Egerton University in Kenya, the change and adjustments in Uganda and the cultural shock that came with it... Continue Reading →

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