Agenda for Policy Action in the New RUFORUM Strategy

The positive economic growth trends observed in most African countries in the 2000’s were in part, attributable to the broad macroeconomic policy reforms of the 1990’s and before. In response to more favorable policies, agricultural sector performance improved appreciably in some African countries (Badiane et al., 2017: unpublished presentation in Gaborone).  During the same period,... Continue Reading →

Addressing the generation gap in Agriculture for socio economic development of Africa

  The larger part of sub-Saharan Africa’s population lives in rural areas where poverty and low human development indices are most severe. Since most rural households are agrarian in nature, and given the sector’s large contribution to the overall economy, boosting agriculture provides the double advantage of eradicating poverty in those regions as well as... Continue Reading →

Forum commits to producing more agriculture PhDs

Sixty vice-chancellors who constitute the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture, RUFORUM, have committed to train 325 PhD students over the next five years through intra-African academic mobility. “If we all meet to our commitment to train five students each with our own resources, we will have 375 PhDs by the end of... Continue Reading →

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