Communities in Gulu appreciate training on disinfecting bacteriologically contaminated drinking water

Brenda Amondito graduated from Gulu University with a Master of Science in Food Security and Community Nutrition on January 11th 2020. Her masters course was sponsored by the Mastercard Foundation through RUFORUM. Upon completion of her course, RUFORUM awarded her a Field Attachment Programme Award (FAPA) grant to disseminate results and recommendations from her research... Continue Reading →

Promoting solar drying technology to reduce post-harvest losses among vegetable and fruit farmers in northern Uganda and West Nile regions

Kumi Peter Korsuk was one of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars supported through RUFORUM who graduated this year on 11th January with Msc in Agri-enterprises Development at Gulu University, one of the TAGDev implementing Universities. As a way of supporting some of the graduates to advance their research findings by interacting with communities, RUFORUM provided a... Continue Reading →

My community mobilization skills helped me create market linkages for increased Smallholder Pig Incomes in Northern Uganda

In 2017, I was among the first cohort beneficiaries of the Mastercard Foundation at RUFORUM Scholarship programme. During the nearly one month orientation training at Egerton University, we were tasked to develop personal purpose statements and “Creation of market linkages” was my personal purpose statement. I focused on this because growing up in a peasant’s... Continue Reading →

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