The origin or language of a student should not hinder access to higher education: Uniqueness of MCF-RUFORUM scholarship

Olivier Nihimbazwe grew up in rural north-western part of Burundi (Mabayi). Growing in a big sized family (12 children) under the care of a single mother. Luckily, this mother had much interest in education hence she always encouraged him and his siblings to study hard and perform well in class.  He shares his story of... Continue Reading →

Call for rural youth Agribusiness Entrepreneurs support.

The Eastern Africa Farmers’ Federation in partnership with IFAD is calling on rural youth groups in agriculture and agribusiness related enterprises to submit business proposals for support in accessing: Technical support to develop enterprise ready investment proposals, Agri-business incubation services and mentorship Potential funders/ investors and other partnership opportunities The proposal can be on an... Continue Reading →

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