Harvesting business growth from COVID-19 Pandemic: a young entrepreneurs’ experience

The health crisis caused by COVID19 has had negative impacts on the global economy. Nevertheless, it has allowed some small enterprises to boost their income. This is the case of Agro Food Business (AFoB), a small social enterprise in northern Benin. Founded and headed by an academician entrepreneur, Dr. Ir. Soulé Akinhola ADECHIAN, AFoB is... Continue Reading →

My motivation to start a business was to respond to society’s needs

Gad Simone Mahoussi Assocle was born in Cotonou, Republic of Benin and she hold a bachelor's degree in Food Technology from National University of Agriculture of Porto-Novo (Benin). She is currently enrolled for a Masters of Science in Food Security and Community Nutrition at Gulu University in Uganda, funded by RUFORUM as part of the... Continue Reading →

Fighting malnutrition among children aged 2-5,one pancake at a time

Melas Cayrol Adoko is Beninese by nationality and he completed a Master’s of Science in Food security and Community Nutrition from Gulu University (Uganda). As a key requirement for obtaining the Master’s degree, he, like other students was expected to successfully carry out a research for effective community transformation in relation to his course. For... Continue Reading →

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