[Issue 62] Media Monitoring: Extract of Press News on Higher Education in Africa

Daily Maverick Our universities need to change for an as yet unimagined future (South Africa) South Africa needs to build national capacity for an economy that needs skills that are radical and complex. In order to facilitate this, we need to ‘decolumnise’ campuses from the grand colosseums to a vibrant, insightful, smart network of decentralised... Continue Reading →

University of Free State catalysing quality and increasing profitability of the wool value chain among small-scale farmers in the Free State

The Centre for Sustainable Agriculture, Rural Development and Extension submitted a proposal, “Building Competitiveness for communal farmers through developing the wool value chain in the Free State Province of South Africa”, as a bid for a project to The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture. The proposal was selected and the grant was... Continue Reading →

“Go and serve the community” is my mantra as I give back after education

Kasima Junior Senyonga, is the Research Assistant for the CARP+1 Pig value chain, and a second year student offering Msc. Animal production and marketing at Gulu University. He graduated in January 2018 with a first class in Bachelor of Agriculture at the same University, before joining the CARP+1. He shares his journey so far. How... Continue Reading →

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