Eduardo Mondlane University-Center of excellence in agri-food systems and nutrition: Call for application for scholarships and admission to masters and doctoral programmes

The Centre of Excellence in Agri-Food Systems and Nutrition (CE-AFSN) at the Eduardo Mondlane University, is implementing a World Bank funded project aiming to train MScs and PhDs in Agrifood Systems, Nutrition and climate Change. CE-AFSN is hereby inviting interested candidates to apply for scholarships and admission to programs to study master’s and doctoral programs.
Interested Candidates must apply to the scholarships and admission to programs using the emails provides below. Female candidates to MSc programs at Eduardo Mondlane University are also encouraged to apply to scholarships offered by IUCEA through the link or The scholarships are intended for students admitted to the masters and Doctoral programs offered by the Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM), related to food systems, nutrition and climate change. This call for scholarship is specifically addressed to African students. The table below shows the programs and number of scholarships to be offered to African students.

Please the complete advert here






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