[WRI-FAO] Fifth Webinar on Water Energy and Food nexus and the implications to climate change security in Uganda

The Water Resources Institute together with the Food and Agriculture Organization are hosting the fifth webinar on Water Energy and Food nexus and the implications to climate change security in Uganda.

Backdrop (the what & the why)

Water, energy and food are essential for human well-being, poverty reduction and sustainable development. Projections suggest that the demand for freshwater, energy and food will rise due to demographic changes, economic development and international trade, amongst others (World Economic Forum, 2011).

Climate change puts an additional stress on water availability and quality, and causes extreme events (floods /droughts) that have severe socioeconomic and environmental consequences. Actions to mitigate and adapt to climate change and variability can have strong implications for the surface and ground water system and its users. Changes in energy usage and types of energy production (for example, fossil fuels replaced by hydropower or biofuels) affect water usage and impact agricultural production. The resulting conflicts in allocation of water and between the water, energy and food sectors, cause additional concerns for the sustainable management of surface and ground water bodies, especially the transboundary ones, where a very large proportion of the world’s population lives.

FAO & WRI Webinar Objective & expectations

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) recognizes Water, energy and food are essential for livelihoods, and through the long-standing collaboration with Water Resources Institute (WRI) of the Ministry of Water and Environment supports this Webinar.

This Water-Energy-Food Nexus for Climate Change Security webinar by FAO & WRI is intended to increase stakeholder awareness on the importance and relevance of nexus issues and implications to climate change security in Uganda. Water, Energy, and Food are important causal factors for climate change, and therefore we believe that security of climate change is heavily dependent on the nexus of these three dimensions of human livelihood.

Target participants

The webinar targets participation of all stakeholder linked to the WRI, FAO and those largely involved in the sectoral linkages of Water, Energy, Food, and Climate Change.

The webinar is scheduled this Friday on 28th April 2023 starting 11:00 am

If you haven’t registered kindly register

As usual, participants will be able to put questions to the speakers during the plenary Q&A and will also be able to further engage with the speakers.







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