[PBL-BioAfrica] 21st century skills – the way to get employed?

“The workshop was of huge benefit to me because it helped me realize that I need to be creative and innovative” – Feedback from the AGS co-creation and innovation workshop.

We first look at your social media,” answered the Director of Bongohive Zambia when asked how they recruit new experts. He continued that social media tells with whom you liaise and with whom you can work with.

The reply might have surprised the students who participated to the AGS co-creation and innovation workshop, organized by Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) in Lusaka, Zambia.

Students, their parents and even teachers often assume that only good grades are the route to employment. But is it really so? Do the highest grades on graduation certificates imply that the young expert will perform well?. And what are the qualifications that in the end convince employers?

In a workshop in Kenya, one of the HAMK in Africa project coordinators emphasized that many job applicants have good grades. Applicants should have something more to offer to stand out and arouse the interest of the potential employer.

Also, the Bongohive example emphasizes that employers are asking for more than academic qualifications. The right attitude, strong initiative taking, collaboration skills, creativity and innovativeness, as well as personal values, are some of the attributes appreciated by employers. If graduates do not possess these competencies, they may end up having difficulties in finding jobs and being employed.

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Eija Laitinen, Principal Research Scientist in HAMK Bio Research Unit. She leads the HAMK Africa Team.

Satu Määttänen, Research assistant in HAMK Bio Research Unit. HAMK Africa Team member.

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