[TAGDev Story] Reaping the Benefits of the untapped Fashion Market

“What we wear tells the story of who we are or whom we want to be.” According to Google Arts and Culture, fashion is the second most important global economic activity in terms of trade intensity, employing over 57 million people in developing countries, with women accounting for 80 percent of the workforce.

“RK Beauty Shop” is strategically located across from the Gulu University Main Gate. A women’s clothing boutique opened four years ago to meet the increasing student demand for fashionable and affordable clothing. Clients can also get styling ideas from the beauty shop. Kobusinge is a fashionista who enjoys styling and combining different outfits to create one-of-a-kind looks for her clients.

When Kobusinge first arrived at Gulu University, she noticed that there was no fashion shop. Seeing a need in her community, she seized the opportunity and launched her first business, which later provided funding for her second venture, Scoop and Chill Café. Both businesses are running smoothly under her watchful eye.

New fashion trends have a huge influence on today’s youth, who want to be seen as trendy. With an increasing number of university students, a fashion shop is a profitable business because trends change and there is always a demand for new styles.

Clothes are neatly displayed on Body Mannequins as part of her morning routine, creating a more realistic and intimate idea of what that item will look like on the shoppers themselves or someone they are shopping for. The ability to see clothing modeled on a “human body” is critical to the overall decision making process.

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