[TAGDev Story] Affordably Priced, Delectably Creamy Corn and Fruit Venture

As you walk from the city to Gulu University, you will notice a simple but well-curated sanctuary where you can seek refuge from the scorching sun that rises early in the morning. This is Kobusinge Racheal’s “Scoop and Chill” business.

Kobusinge, an Agri-preneur, former Gulu University student, and TAGDev program alumnus, turns raw milk into ice cream and fresh fruits into organic juice as part of adding value to perishable agricultural products. Both are high in vitamins and minerals. Scoop and Chill Cafe serves organic juice, ice cream, and snacks as accompaniments to its clients, who are mostly university students.

After realizing that farmers in the community were struggling with low sales and milk wastage, Kobusinge decided to venture into raw milk value-addition. She partnered with a local farmer in Unyama county, Gulu, from whom she purchases at least 15 liters of raw milk daily. This single mother will be eternally grateful because she previously struggled to sell her milk.

Kobusinge believes that adding value to the milk and selling it as the ice cream is more profitable than selling a cup of raw milk for 1,000 Ugandan shillings (less than a Dollar). She further explains that on a good day, 10 liters of milk with a cost implication of about 50,000 shillings (13$) can earn up to 130,000 shillings (34$), a skill set she acquired from various TAGDev training on Agricultural food processing.

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