Ugandan student develops mosquito repellant from sour milk

By her own admission, 20-year-old Jovia Kisaakye, a Makerere University business statistics student, has been a restless soul since. When she was 17 she began looking for solutions to a problem that had led to tragedy in her family.

Growing up in the Ugandan town of Lukaya, Kisaakye’s family depended on livestock farming for their daily income and general sustenance. For the animals to have a constant supply of water for drinking, her parents dug trenches to trap rainwater. Although this solved the water problem, it created another problem — the trenches became a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Young Kisaakye often missed school because of frequent malaria attacks. When her younger brother died from the disease at the age of five the family stopped farming with cattle.

For Kisaakye, the decision was a relief, not only because she associated it with the death of her brother and illness, but because of the helplessness she felt at seeing so much milk going to waste after it was not sold because the family did not have electricity and fridges. Read more here.

Source: Mail and Guardian

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