An Appreciation Testimony by Prof. Johnny Mugisha, Makerere University – Uganda

First, I want to congratulate you upon successfully steering RUFORUM right from the time it evolved from FORUM in 2004. You have had sleepless nights, you have sacrificed yourself for the sake of African Universities; the academic staff and the students. Your selflessness beats every record. Your effort of inclusiveness is written on every wall. I am a beneficiary of this, and let me remind you this; a mark that has kept me moving since 22 years ago.

Around 10th December 1999, I was returning from Germany having completed my PhD. The Head of my Department in the then Faculty of Agriculture had organised for me a van to pick me up from Entebbe Airport. I checked out of the airport and walked to the waiting van, very sure I would sit in front next to the driver and rest my arm on the window as I am driven to Kampala; as a young excited Dr. in the country! Guess what, I found my seat already occupied. By who? Dr. Adipala. I had nothing to do but to take the back seats.

Please read the full testimony click here

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