[RUFORUM AGM 2022] Pre-event A TAGDev Alumni Event: The movement of change-makers in Africa

RUFORUM with its TAGDev Alumni are organising a online convening. the Objective of this webinar is to provide a platform for TAGDev beneficiaries (students and alumni) to share their experiences and the impact of the program on their lives, institutions, and communities with Mastercard Foundation and a global audience.


The webinar will convey the impact of the TAGDev program on the following:

  1. Nurturing youths for agribusiness innovations, enterprise development, and employability through sharing success stories by those who own businesses, are employed, and/or have transformed their research into business
  2. Harnessing agricultural research for rural transformation through sharing success stories by those who are employed/involved in research, have developed community solutions from their research and/or are pursuing their PhDs
  3. Evidence of empowering communities through sustainable farm-based micro-enterprises, charity and advisory services on food and nutrition security using the experience from refugee communities
  4. Strengthening university capacities for entrepreneurial training through university administrators and program leaders sharing experiences of implementing a unique program at Gulu University and Egerton University

Session format

The one-day event is designed as moderated and interactive online session with a keynote speech and panel discussions involving break-up sessions. Participants will include mainly TAGDev students and alumni, Mastercard Foundation, RUFORUM, Gulu University, and Egerton University staff and students, farmers and stakeholders involved in the students’ training, and the general public.

There will be simultaneous translation in Arabic, English, French and Portuguese. 

Date: 10th November 2022
Time: 15:00 PM to 18:00 PM (EAT)

Registration Link:https://bit.ly/3rJsXDF

Concept notes in different languages are available below:







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