EFARMU-Uganda: Record Keeping Made Easy

One of the great challenges faced by modern day dairy farmers in East Africa is the inability to access genuine farm inputs and the ability to monitor their farm productivity. Our dairy industry is a young, vibrant and rapidly growing sector and mainly developed by the private sector. Despite this rapid growth, dairy farmers are faced with a number of challenges including poor record keeping, limited access to finance and inadequate knowledge on modern farming practices. There is also lack of proper monitoring systems and access to extension services for their farms.

At Efarmu Company, we offer dairy farmers Efarmu Dairy Management software, which is a livestock record keeping system. It enables farmer to accurately record their daily farm activities, track livestock performance from the time they are born until when they are sold off. The system has the ability to visualize these records into real-time weekly, monthly and yearly reports and analytics. The system further has an advertising platform where input dealers advertise their genuine products to a community of farmers. The system consists of six modules (animal registry, milk production, finance, health, feeding, and breeding modules) designed in such a way that all farming knowledge is captured for quick analysis. At a single glance, a farmer is able to tell if he/she is making profits or losses from the cost benefit analysis. Our innovation is a means of making farming convenient through enhancing decision making based on the available data. 

Efarmu mobile application
Current traction                                          Clients dashboard

Through funding from the Innovation Products to Market Field Attachment Program Award (IPM-FAPA), we have been able to achieve the following key milestones;

  • Efarmu mobile app is now available for download on google play store (search for Efarmu on google play store).
  • We have expanded our platform to include an advertising platform where input dealers can advertise their products to our community of farmers at an extra cost.  ( You can check our second version of the system at www.efarmu.com
  • We have successfully updated our software based on the feedback and recommendations from our clients. (www.efarmu.com )
Farmer training on the use of Efarmu mobile app

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