[Thought Piece] Transforming higher education – the road tailored to meet the development needs from The National University of Agriculture

Universities in developing countries in general and in particular in Benin are set up to meet the training needs of technical executives in different professional fields. In many cases these universities were created without due preparation and the minimum infrastructure and facilities necessary for proper functioning is limited. However, like others, these universities must respond to the three key missions that are training, research, and community services. The newly established National University of Agriculture (UNA), set up in 2013 in Benin is a typical example. UNA works to fulfil the three missions as well.

University Development Compass
UNA has a Strategic Development Plan (PSD, 2018–2023) which outlines the framework for actions in all areas of intervention. This is a relevant tool highly appreciated by Technical and Financial Partners (PTF) and governmental institutions. The problem at this level is the great difficulty in mobilizing financial resources to roll out the PSD forecasts as planned. Even with these challenges, to guarantee an effective and rapid development of UNA, we pay attention to the quality and the relevance of expenditures as well as optimal and mutual use of infrastructure, facilities and human resources. In addition, our governance favors as much as possible the participatory approach in decision-making on major issues of the institution. Core to our efforts is that that training is needed to strengthen the management capacities of actors, and officials at various levels to help UNA achieve its rapid development. Read more here

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