A pathway to inclusivity through agriculture in Africa

A host of leading experts on international knowledge cooperation joined for the Shaping Futures symposium in The Hague earlier this month. The event was part of the celebrations of 70 years of Nuffic. This year we celebrate seven decades of strengthening education systems and investing in empowerment through international knowledge exchange.

Among the group of expert speakers at the Shaping Futures event was Dr. Florence Mayega Nakayiwa, deputy executive secretary of RUFORUM. This Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture is a consortium of 147 African universities in 38 countries. Florence, who is based at the RUFORUM Secretariat hosted by Makerere University in Uganda, joined the Shaping Futures round table discussion on Climate, Food and Nutrition. During our conversation, Florence underlined why inclusivity is such an important theme linking the African continent with the Netherlands.

Is the Netherlands an interesting country for the African continent?
The Netherlands is one of the richest sources of agricultural knowledge in the world. A large part of the African continent is agricultural, it is therefore important for us to be able to tap into the level of resources which the Netherlands has on offer. It is a massive benefit for us: the Netherlands can show us how to add more value. We can therefore develop capacity through exchanges between our countries. Different environments can provide agricultural sectors of all the countries involved with added value.

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