RUFORUM Webinar Series / Public Consultation

The AU-EU Innovation Agenda is an ambitious unprecedented initiative aiming to translate Research & Innovation endeavours into tangible businesses, services and jobs, in Africa and Europe. The Agenda foresees short-, medium- and long-term actions in the four joint AU-EU priority areas of Research & Innovation, namely (i) Public Health, (ii) Green Transition (encompassing Food and Nutrition Security and
Sustainable Agriculture, Climate Change and Sustainable Energy); (iii) Innovation & Technology and (iv) Capacities for Science. A copy of the working document of the Innovation Agenda in English, French (soon in Portuguese and Arabic) is accessible right on the online survey page (after the Introductory Paragraph).

RUFORUM is partnering with colleagues at the DG Research & Innovation to host a Webinar as they share information on the Agenda and to boost appreciation from the member universities and other stakeholders. Well noting that AU-EU Innovation Agenda has implication for academia and research as core functions of the university.







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