History of Kivu Agro Business

Kivu Agro Business (KAB) is an agricultural company founded by Mugisho Banga Jean de Dieu who is an Agronomist. The company initially evolved in  an informal sector for three years (2017-2020). Towards the end of 2019, a decision to formalize the company was undertaken and this was effected at the beginning of 2020.

Solar installation and repair and maintenance of incubation machines at KAB

The company deals in several agribusiness activities including;. distribution of agricultural and veterinary inputs, production of vegetable seedlings, Vegetable and food production, Multiplication of improved seeds, Manufacture of egg incubators powered by both electricity and solar energy, Production and distribution of chicks, Breeding of layers and broiler chickens, Broodstock distribution, Training and coaching of entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector.

Kivu Agro Business SARL has benefited from several training courses (capacity building) in Agribusiness and Entrepreneurship, and  has obtained financial support from the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) through the BAIC (Bukavu Agribusiness Incubator Center) of the Catholic University of Bukavu (UCB).

The first financial support from RUFORUM was obtained in March 2019 after an agribusiness project competition organized by BAIC at UCB and the second support was received in September 2021 after a project competition whose call for proposals was issued by RUFORUM.

This has enabled the company to improve the quality of its services, particularly in the context of the manufacture of egg incubators running on electricity and solar energy (from a hatching rate of 78% to that of 92-97%), to produce more devices and to equip the workshop with a high point solar kit to ensure the presence of electrical energy.

What gives Kivu Agro Business a significant competitive advantage today is its positioning in the poultry value chain, manufacturing of small appliances that consume less energy, environmental protection,  and the use of electricity and renewable energies such as solar energy and  its capacity to receive between 100 and 300 eggs at affordable prices for small farmers. Additionally, the company uses local materials (some such as recycled wood), and local labor (cabinet makers, fitters, electricians, etc.) in the workshop and after-sales services are guaranteed to the customers.

We intend train youth in the manufacture of egg incubators not only to ensure the growth of the company, but also to reduce unemployment in South Kivu province. We thank RUFORUM for the support this project.

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