The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) is a network of 147 universities in 38 African countries. It was established in 2004 to (i) foster integration of African universities into the national agricultural innovation systems (NAIS); (ii) provide a platform for training quality graduates to support development processes in Africa; (iii) rationalize resource use and enhance economies of scale and scope; and (iv) provide a platform for networking, resource mobilization and advocacy for agricultural higher education in Africa. RUFORUM envisions ‘vibrant, transformative universities to catalyze sustainable, inclusive agricultural development to feed and create prosperity for Africa’. The Eight Africa Higher Education Week and RUFORUM Annual General Meeting Conference will be held 12th-16th December 2022 in Harare, Zimbabwe, under the theme “Strengthening Africa’s Agri-food Systems in the Post COVID-19 Era – Opportunities and Challenges”. RUFORUM, in partnership with the African Crop Science Society and the Zimbabwean RUFORUM member universities, will convene a three-day scientific conference where scientists, academicians and students will present their work orally focusing on the application of biological, ecological and social knowledge for the development of resilient climate-smart agri-food systems including sustainable livestock production and environmental and natural resources management for food and nutritional security and economic and social stability. Digital innovations, data management, intellectual property rights, economics, policy analysis, and education and research institutions community engagement experiences will be highlighted.

As part of strengthening dissemination of research outputs and lesson sharing, RUFORUM invites interested authors (Researchers and scientists from national, regional and international research institutes, Higher Education stakeholders and beneficiaries of RUFORUM supported projects, including postgraduates students and their supervisors and development practitioners) to submit Research Application Summaries (Papers) of each maximum 10 Pages following the RUFORUM Working Document Series Guidelines and format (see Link). Papers on other topical issues, including development practice, will also be considered. The deadline for submission is 30th September 2022 Papers should be submitted through triennialpapers@ruforum.org. All submissions will be scanned for originality through the antiplagiarism software; peer reviewed and published as open access resource materials with a serialized RUFORUM Working Document Series (ISSN: 1993-8462) which will be made available to various stakeholders through the RUFORUM Institutional Repository (https://repository.ruforum.org/).

The RUFORUM Working Document Series is published in French and English. Therefore, authors are requested to submit papers in either English or French. For inquiries about your submission, please contact us through ruforumpapers@ruforumorg.

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