Eco-Farms Liberia Limited

Eco-Farms Liberia Limited is an inclusive solution-oriented private business enterprise established in 2021 to address the demand for high-quality meat in Liberia. We work through two distinct innovative and impact-focused clusters; the production, marketing, and sales cluster (PMAS), and the Research, Innovation, technology, and knowledge transfer cluster (RIKOT). 

At the production, marketing, and sales cluster, we rear and sell high-quality chicken, pigs, and goats to the local out-growers and the larger market range at affordable prices. We confound to high-quality standards throughout the production cycle. Because we go organic, our zero-waste policy allows us to fully utilize all farm wastes generated to produce useful farm products. Within the RIKOT, we employ empirical research to answer the most pressing questions within the meat value chain of Liberia.

Pigs, Chicken and Goats reared at the production, marketing, and sales cluster

We work closely with smallholder farmers, farmer groups, and livestock cooperatives to co-develop and deliver timely and cost-effective services that strengthen their own capacities to grow and expand their enterprises. Eco-Farms is led by an interdisciplinary team of energetic young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs with combined work experience of over 15 years of success in designing and delivering business value in complex operating business environments. Eco-Farms was also selected among the FAPA 2021 beneficiaries and we are grateful to the Regional universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) for supporting Eco farms.

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