Blackand Consultancy

Blackand is a client-focused business delivering high-quality professional services. We add value to client’s businesses by providing them with sustainable solutions. Through the feedback from our clients and suppliers, we are able to improve our service delivery. Blackand consultancy is committed to an active role in the local communities within which it operates, contributing towards local sustainability.

We are committed to the continual review and improvement of our services and making our services affordable to the average farmers. The company works to support the local communities by: 1) Employing the youths, 2) Developing alliances with local businesses and communities which is of mutual benefit, 3) Providing training opportunities for the local farmers and their staff among others. Blackand consultancy focuses mainly on;

Feacal egg count

This procedure is done in the lab. It is used to give an estimate of the parasitic load within an animal. This gives the farmer an upper hand in controlling the spread of the parasites, as they have the idea of the animals with a higher parasitic load and which ones to need to be treated. The second advantage is that the farmer can also be aware of which animals are resilient to the parasite, i,e., animals that can handle the parasitic load without any negative implications to production.


This is a procedure done in the lab. It is used to count the red blood cells in the animal’s blood. Since wireworm is a blood-sucking nematode, Haematocrit is carried out to see the effects that the parasitic load has on the animal at an early stage. Therefore, this save the farmers from losing their animal because when this test is done with feacal egg count simultaneously, they give a more accurate diagnosis of the parasitic load and the effect it has on the animal. With such information at the disposal of the farmers, animals can be saved and the farmer is able to get more income because fewer animals are lost.

Wireworm Management training

The training focuses on equipping farmers with skills in the diagnosis, treatment, and confirmation of effectiveness. The training is structured such that, most of the time is spent outside handling animals and getting full exposure with relevance to the problems that they have to tackle regarding wireworm. A few illustrations are requested for on special occasions especially during the high rainfall seasons where a post-mortem can be performed and farmers can see what a wireworm-infested sheep would look like when cut open.”

Wireworm Management training

We are grateful to the Regional Universities Forum for capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) for selecting Blackand Consultancy as one of the FAPA 2021 beneficiaries.

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