Blended Agribusiness Powered Entrepreneurship (BAPE)

Blended Agribusiness Powered Entrepreneurship (BAPE) business aims at increasing the level of youth employment, food security and agricultural commercialization. To achieve these objectives, BAPE focuses on building the capacity of youths and other agro value chain actors in agribusiness through: experiential entrepreneurship training, offering agribusiness consultancy services, and promoting the commercialization of sustainable climate smart market-oriented value chains.

The Blended Agribusiness Powered Entrepreneurship is motivated by; 1.) the youth bulge and high youth unemployment, and 2.) the underutilized opportunities in the agri-food markets. With this background, the company was founded with the aim of 1) offering Agripreneurship capacity building to foster self-employment and successful youth run enterprises, 2) offering agribusiness support services to farmers to promote commercialization of small-scale farming and promote the commercialization of sustainable, climate smart and market-oriented value chains that will promote commercialized agriculture and venture creation that will offer employment opportunities to youth.

Youth Agripreneurship capacity building

BAPE setup its entrepreneurship training unit by creating a web application that facilitates online entrepreneurship learning in addition to facilitations, fields trips, mentorship and workshops. The company also brought on board experts in all agronomical fields that offer agribusiness support services to farmers. The company offers capacity building services designed for small scale fruit farmers and started a fruit processing operation that provided a market for the fruits farmers. The company processes fruits into salads and juice that are sold to Egerton university staff and students. The company is now independently run as an Agri-fresh supplies and now operates outside the university.

Conducting Youth Training

Currently, BAPE offers youth entrepreneurship training, agribusiness support services and it has recently developed a peanut cooking oil product. BAPE intends to use the FAPA grant funds to facilitate its commercial production and farmer engagement. The product was developed to ensure sustainability of the company while promoting community development and youth empowerment through experiential entrepreneurship training and employment creation.

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