Amazing Grace Agro Centre (AGAC) Bamenda

Through the support from RUFORUM, Amazing Grace Agro Centre (AGAC) Bamenda has been established with the aim of producing and selling high quality piggery products using IMO technology. Amazing Grace Agro Centre works with school dropouts and displaced youths in Bamenda.

The Amazing Grace Agro Centre Bamenda deals in pork production because pork is one of the most cherished animal protein food sources and it is fast becoming a viable livelihood enhancer in the agricultural sector. Pork is widely consumed both in urban and rural areas as snacks and main foods and is currently an important source of income for most rural households. It sustainably contributes to the dietary diversity of consumers and contributes significantly to poverty alleviation.

Our market at the moment is predominantly the local consumers in Bamenda city and Bafoussam (a city dominated by Bamileke tribe which consumes large quantities of pork in their cultural festivals) and this therefore presents insatiable demand for pork. In addition, we aim for the regional and international markets as we develop and gain more experience. AGAC’s market consists of both small scale and large scale buyers.

The market for pork is segmented into individual households, bars and restaurants, food vendors, and hotels. There is a niche market, found in high-end bars, hotels, and restaurants and a mass market characterized by open markets. Our value proposition is to have a consistent and timely delivery of high-quality piggery products.

The adoption of a staggered production pattern as well as the recruitment of well-trained smallholder piggery farmers serve as a guarantee for stability in the piggery value chain. This is because we have the capacity to reliably respond and satisfy our customers’ needs.

We are grateful to RUFORUM for supporting us through the Field Attachment Program Award (FAPA).

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