I Work Closely with the Youth to Promote Agriculture

My name is Angella Akori and I come from Eastern Uganda. In 2019, I got a scholarship from RUFORUM to pursue a degree in agri-entrepreneurship and communication. At that time, I already had plans and ideas to carry out a number of agricultural projects in my home town, however, I lacked finances to make my dreams come true. 

Through the monthly stipend from RUFORUM, I have been able to turn those ideas into real projects. Furthermore, We have been able to reduce our expenditure on food items by growing our own foods. Currently, I am engaged in growing food crops such as cassava, maize, sorghum, groundnuts, sweet potatoes and vegetables like tomatoes.

I also started rearing livestock, and hope to expand this project in the coming years. As a way of giving back to the community, I have engaged the youths in these projects. I also share with them the practical farming skills and knowledge and give them the chance to have the hands-on learning experience. I am grateful to RUFORUM for the support rendered to me which has enabled me to train the youths in my community.

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