I make UGX 100,000 per Day from Running a Restaurant

The scholarship from the MasterCard Foundation has not only helped to ease my education, but it has also made it possible for beneficiaries like me to save money and engage in different income generating enterprises. It is from my savings that I have been able to open a restaurant which provides nutritious food such as fish, vegetables and cocktail juices. I run this enterprise in Kapelebyong District, in north Eastern Uganda.

It took about UGX 4 million to setup this enterprise, including the cost of registering the business and the kitchen facilities. The restaurant is able to comfortably accommodate at least 12 people at once, and we generate about UGX 100,000 per day. We also hope to win a contract from the district local government to supply daily meals, which will be crucial in increasing our income and creating more jobs for the youth.

We also get contracts to provide catering services during workshops and seminars organized within Kapelebyong District and we make about Shs1.4 million for every supply. This therefore boosts the total daily turn up of our customers and income for the business.

The business is currently serving the general community including the civil servants, people in the Non-Governmental Organizations, the business communities in the district.

Joan Epiu Agato

Currently, we have three employees who help to run the business. I also supply near-by piggery projects with feeds from leftover food from the restaurant. This brings in additional income to the business. I thank RUFORUM and the MasterCard Foundation for the continued financial support.  

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