Rearing animals is a good enterprise

By Aryao Jane Mildred

First, I would like to thank RUFORUM for giving me the scholarship to be able to join the university. Without this support, I wouldn’t have been able to realise this dream.

I am the firstborn child in a family of five. I lost my father nine years ago, leaving the responsibility of taking care of us to my mother.

I began receiving my stipend in October 2019 and used the initial installment to buy personal belongings and food at the hostel while the rest was invested in buying animals which I am now rearing as a business venture. I started with two pigs, four goats, and a bull.

In addition, I also invested part of my stipend in agriculture. I have planted rice and sim-sim. As I continue saving money, I hope by next year I can start a farming project on a larger scale than what I am doing at the moment.

While animal rearing is a good enterprise, it also comes with a number of challenges. For example, land for grazing is not easy to come by given the current land tenure system where land is individually owned. Another challenge is the cost of treating the animals since they all require regular vaccinations.

Living in a remote area also means I don’t have reliable communication network, which has affected my ability to participate in online discussions.  

Despite these challenges though, I am still grateful to RUFORUM for giving me the opportunity to have a chance to attain education up to the university level. This would not have been possible without your intervention.   

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