Postgraduate Training Opportunities under the RUFORUM Graduate Teaching Assistantship Program (GTA)

During the annual meeting of Vice Chancellors/Presidents/Principals/Rectors of RUFORUM Member Universities (see links about RUFORUM flier and RUFORUM at a Glance) held on 11th November 2020, the Vice Chancellors re-affirmed their commitment to the Graduate Teaching Assistantship Program that they initiated in 2014. The objectives of the GTA are to: i) Improve the quality of higher education and increase the pool of PhD-level trained academic staff in African universities; ii) Provide opportunities for the doctoral research to contribute more directly to African development; iii) Strengthen inter- university collaboration in the field of higher education in Africa; and iv) Promote staff mobility among RUFORUM member universities, and across Africa. 

Following the meeting of the Vice Chancellors on 11th November 2020, the RUFORUM Secretariat is pleased to announce the availability of training opportunities at the different Member Universities as part of the GTA arrangement. The Secretariat invites for more offers from the other member universities to train GTA candidates.

Under the GTA arrangement:

  1. The sending universities nominate the staff to be trained and RUFORUM Secretariat helps to get them placed in receiving (host) Universities.  
  2. The sending universities commit to pay for travel, health insurance, upkeep and research of their staff under training.
  3. The receiving/host universities waive the fees and associated costs, and provide accommodation for the admitted GTA Fellows
  4. Once admission process is completed, the sending and host universities and the nominated GTA Fellow sign a Tripartite Agreement to guide the hosting and training of the Fellow
  5. In some cases where opportunities exist, the host University may attach the GTA Fellow to the research program at the hosting university.
  6. The RUFORUM Secretariat facilitates the GTA arrangement and follows up on the GTA training

The nominations by the Vice Chancellors for the available positions should be submitted to RUFORUM Executive Secretary at as soon as possible. 

No. Host UniversityCountryAvailable Courses/programsNumber of Available positions
1Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural ResourcesBotswanaMSc Agricultural Education
MSc Agricultural Engineering (Soil and Water Conservation, Mechanization, Land Use Planning
MSc Crop Science (Agronomy, Soil Science, Crop Protection, Horticulture streams)
MSc Animal Science (Animal Breeding and Reproduction, Animal Health, Animal Management Systems, Animal Nutrition streams)
PhD Crop Science (Agronomy, Soil Science, Crop Protection, Horticulture, Agroforestry streams)
PhD Animal Science (Animal Breeding and Reproduction, Animal Management Systems, Animal Nutrition streams)
2University of eSwatini eSwatiniPhD in Agricultural Economics
PhD in Agricultural Extension
3University of Abomey CalaviBenin PhD in Mathematics
PhD in Physics
PhD in Statistics and Biometry
PhD in Climate Change
PhD in Irrigation
No. Host UniversityCountryAvailable Courses/programsNumber of Available positions
4Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural ResourcesMalawiPhD Agricultural Extension
PhD in Agricultural and Resource Economics 2.
MSc in  Agricultural and Applied economics
MSc in Agribusiness Management.
PhD in Aquaculture Fisheries
PhD in Agriculture (Animal Science)
5University of NairobiKenyaPhD in Biochemistry
PhD in Biology (Botany)
PhD in Crop Protection/ Entomology
Masters in Biomedical Engineering
PhD in Animal Science
PhD in Animal Breeding
PhD in Molecular Genetics or Breeding
PhD in Wildlife Management
PhD in Soil Fertility Management
6Kenyatta University Kenya1. PhD in Agricultural Economics2
7University of EldoretKenyaPhD in Seed Science
PhD in Soil Science
PhD in Aquaculture and Fisheries
PhD in Forestry and Wood Science
PhD in Environmental Science
PhD in Technology Education  
8Maseno University KenyaPhD in Arts and Design
PhD in Communication and Media technology 1
PhD in Information Technology 1
PhD in Business Administration and economics 1
PhD in Statistics and Actuarial Sciences PhD in Pure and Applied Sciences 1
No. Host UniversityCountryAvailable Courses/programsNumber of Available positions
   PhD in Special Needs Education 1
PhD in Urban and Regional Planning 1
PhD in Computer Science 1
PhD in Human Pathology 1
9University of ZambiaZambiaPhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering
PhD in Engineering Management
MSc in Electrical Engineering
PhD in Rock Mechanics/
PhD Small scale mining
PhD in Construction Management
PhD in Adolescent Health (Sexual Reproductive Health)
10Mbarara University of Science and TechnologyUgandaPhD in Educational Administration and Planning
PhD in Public Health
PhD in Medicine and Science
PhD in Management
PhD in Biomedical Engineering
PhD in Mathematics
11Kyambogo UniversityUganda1. PhD/MSc in Special Needs and Human Nutrition 2
12Haramaya UniversityEthiopia PhD in Climate Smart Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation
MSc in Climate Smart Agriculture
MSc in Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Management
13University of NamibiaNamibiaPhD/MSc in Animal Nutrition
PhD/MSc in Animal Breeding
PhD/MSc in Molecular Genetics
PhD/MSc in Poultry Production
PhD/MSc in Rangeland Resource Management
No. Host UniversityCountryAvailable Courses/programsNumber of Available positions
   PhD in Fruits and Vegetable processing
PhD in Product Development
PhD in Food Chemistry
PhD in Cereal Science
PhD in Food Microbiology
14Great Zimbabwe UniversityZimbabwePhD/MSc in Plant Breeding focusing on traditional grains (sorghum, millet and rapoko)
PhD/MSc in Apiculture (Open to any interesting aspects of beekeeping) PhD/MSc in Livestock Nutrition (focusing on indigenous breeds of livestock).
15University of Cape CoastGhanaOpen to receive applications under various fields depending on the candidate interest and the availability of the programs at University of cape CoastOpen
16University of Khartoum SudanPhD in Agronomy (plant breeding, plant-soil-water relations, and crop stress physiology)
PhD in Horticulture (vegetables and pomology)
PhD in Agricultural economics and extension 
PhD/MSc in crop protection (locust, Apiculture and beekeeping) 3. MSc in food sciences and technology (by courses and dissertation) 2. MSc in Agricultural biotechnology (by courses and dissertation)  
* More openings will be communicated as we receive confirmation from member universities. Kindly check the RUFORUM website:

RUFORUM Secretariat 9th May 2021

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