Kampala 14th December 2020 Every year as part of promoting excellence in staff performance against their assigned tasks and achievement of RUFORUM organisation mission, the RUFORUM Secretariat recognizes outstanding staff for their exemplary performance. For this year (2020) RUFORUM Secretariat recognized two outstanding Staff to encourage them to maintain their level of performance as well as motivate all Staff. Recognition Awards popularize an atmosphere of positive, effective competition, and building and consolidating the principles and values of excellence in all units of the organization.

Dr. Anthony Egeru has been working at RUFORUM Secretariat since 2015. He is passionate about training young entrepreneurs, leaders and high-quality researchers who can contribute to the transformation of Africa. His works closely with African universities to train graduates who work with communities to strengthen university contribution to community transformation through skills development particularly entrepreneurship of talented, motivated and disadvantaged youth in Africa. He was recognized for his exemplary role and leadership in the management of the TAGDev Flagship and for mobilizing partnerships for Higher Education in Africa.

Mr. Moses Waswa been working at RUFORUM Secretariat for the past five years as the Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, tracking implementation of RUFORUM Secretariat activities. He has over 10 years’ experience in Development Research, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation. He has spearheaded the development and implementation of a results-based monitoring and evaluation system that enhances 360 degree accountability at RUFORUM Secretariat. He was recognized for quality work, timeliness in fulfilling his tasks, and good personal relationship with all staff at the Secretariat.

The awards were presented by Dr Florence Nakayiwa Mayega, RUFORUM Deputy Executive Secretary responsible for Planning, Resource Mobilisation and Management. The Executive Secretary, Professor Adipala Ekwamu, congratulated the two staff and urged them and other staff to continue serving the Secretariat and RUFORUM Network diligently, efficiently and timely. He said
“We need to meet the expectations of the RUFORUM Network, nurture collaboration and partnership across our network, promote excellence in what we do, ensure accountability, promote inculcation of social values and inclusivity in our work”.

RUFORUM congratulate the recognized staff and wishes them more success!

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