My name is Esther Muber, a student at Gulu University doing a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture. My education is funded under the TAGDev project of RUFORUM. During the lockdown, RUFORUM continued to offer support to us in different forms.

I was able to participate in a number of online courses, through the several links that were shared by RUFORUM. They also provided us with free internet bundles to be able to join the online courses. These courses included introduction to sustainability and development, introduction to agriculture, economics and nature, career development, introduction to agriculture basics, improving food production with agricultural technology and plant biotechnology, among others. Besides the courses, I have also been able to join other online activities including trainings to enrich my knowledge and skills on entrepreneurship and how to deliver agricultural advisory services in post COVID-19 times.

I have also been able to venture into farming, which I started with planting onions, tomatoes, potatoes, maize, beans, cassava, groundnuts and other vegetables. The food we have grown has enabled my family not only have enough to consume at home, it has also generated additional income to take care of other domestic needs.

Esther Muber at work in her Garden

Away from taking online courses and engaging in farming, I also spend some days undertaking hand work such as knitting body washing sponges. This has not only kept me busy, it has also generated some income for me and my family.

I would like to extend my gratitude to the RUFORUM and MasterCard Foundation teams for the continuous support rendered to me academically and financially.

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